Christian Counseling

While my commitment is to assist my clients utilizing my formal training and continuing education, as a Professional Counselor, I am able to incorporate new skills and knowledge as I grow in my profession.

Christian Counseling has been a tool I have obtained and am able to use when I see clients who share the same faith and invite me with their Expressed Permission and Consent to utilize this tool during treatment.

Christian Counseling gives the ability to assist on every day struggles applying God’s Biblical truths.

It takes love for God and dedication to study His word to be able to develop a personal relationship with Him as Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is a process that involves knowledge and surrendering one’s life to Him. This action leads us to have the desire to honor Him by walking in faith and obedience in every circumstance.

Christian Counseling focuses the dependence on God and in the power of the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom. I believe He utilizes the experience and knowledge He has given to assist in the process, He is the one who does the work.

Grace and compassion are two qualities that prevent the counseling process from becoming judgmental. In the practice of Counseling I am careful to recognize that my Clinical calling is to assist, not to judge.

I embrace the opportunity to help anyone regardless of faith or lack of one. I am able to maintain Professional Boundaries when counseling with faith based perspective is not welcome.

Cognitive Behavioral therapy is an approach that I find helpful in the practice of Christian Counseling where the focus is to replace distorted believes system for more adapted ones. In Christian Counseling the focus is to replace or shift distorted truths for God’s Biblical truths.

In Christian Counseling the main goal is to steer the focus toward Jesus Christ as the source for healing and salvation.

Christian Counseling involves Biblical perspective, as well as sound Formal Training and Experience in the field of Human Behavior.

Christian Counseling does not provide a way of coping with every day life struggles, it assist in the process of restoration and heart transformation, with a desire goal of total dependence on God as the source of Joy and Freedom.

Christian Counseling gives all glory and honor to God.

“And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Fader, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6